DSEi 2013

Showcasing the Latest Army Technologies

Defence and Security Equipment International, ExCeL, London,Other, United Kingdom

Defence and Security Equipment International, ExCeL, London,Other, United Kingdom

The pivotal role of land systems in conducting asymmetric warfare is highlighted at DSEi, the leading event for land, maritime and air applications of defence and security products and equipment, which takes place at ExCeL London from 10-13 September 2013.

Static vehicle display area debut

A new feature – the vehicle park – adds depth to an already strong land systems showing. In the park will be a Husky protected logistics vehicle fitted with Chemring’s ground penetrating radar (GPR) and its Resolve communications EW system, both of which play a significant role in reducing the IED threat. Route clearance is another important capability on display, with Pearson Engineering showing its mine clearance ploughs.

Humanitarian relief equipment featured will include Faun Trackway’s medium-weight portable roadway system. Named MGMS, the roadway is ideal for tackling adverse terrain conditions, including snow, marsh, mud and sand in a variety of climates. MGMS is also highly suited to beach landings and can be deployed by medium wheeled tractor. For logisticians there will be an Iveco vehicle fitted with a WEW tank, showing the versatility of the solution and how the module can be changed to meet the operational need.

Also on display will be: the Future Local Area Defence System (FLAADS) from MBDA; BAE Systems RG35 mine protected 4×4; and Iveco’s light multirole vehicle. In addition to this Lockheed Martin’s Warrior will be on show. Demonstrating the way ahead for the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle, this upgraded vehicle delivers enhanced fighting capability, increased mobility, soldier survivability and firepower, along with an open electronic architecture.

Land systems are also present across the show. In the Robotics and Unmanned Systems Showcase there will be a twice daily demonstration of how a variety of UVs, both air and ground, can play their part in asymmetric warfare. Among the companies involved will be Allan Vanguard, BCB, iRobot, Marshall Land Systems, Northrop Grumman Remotec, QinetiQ, Recon Robotics and Selex Galileo.

Other land systems technology, products and equipment will include command and control, electronic warfare, uniforms, helmets, protected workspace environments such as shelters, armour and survivability solutions, electro optics and IR surveillance, tank tracks, CBRNE detection, training systems and parachutes. In short, DSEi 2013 will showcase the complete range of parts and systems to enable land forces to fulfill their task.

Electronics – a major part of the global defence industry supply chain

It is hard to think of a single piece of 21st century military hardware that does not include a computer chip, a software controlled component or a link to a communication network. As a result, the UK and European defence electronics sector is a key component of the international defence market which in turn plays a vital part of the global defence industry supply chain. This is the reason why the new International Electronics Pavilion at DSEi is already over 90% booked with key players including ALR Services, XJTAG, BUS Solutions, Jaltek Systems, Lauterbach and Phaedrus Systems signed up to the four day event.

For more details about DSEi and to register to attend visit www.dsei.co.uk.

DSEi 2013

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