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Rapidly-deployable Military Bridging Systems

Sir Richard Fairey Road,
Heaton Chapel,
SK4 5DY United Kingdom

Sir Richard Fairey Road,
Heaton Chapel,
SK4 5DY United Kingdom

WFEL is an established world leader in tactical military bridging having supplied over 600 rapidly-deployable military bridge systems to 42 armed forces across the world for over 40 years.

WFEL military bridges, providing up to 120 MLC, can be built in under an hour and are used for both dry-gap and wet-gap crossings. The MGB (Medium Girder Bridge) can be built manually and the DSB (Dry Support Bridge) with a semi-automatic process.

The company’s expertise in military land systems is built on over a century of engineering excellence and innovation, ranging from concept design to the full-scale production of rapidly-deployable, modern bridging systems for use in both military and disaster relief scenarios.

Working closely with military engineers to provide through-life support for our bridges, WFEL’s Integrated Logistics Support Service personnel offer value-added inspection, repair and maintenance, as well as spares and training, both in theatre and at the company’s UK engineering site where we employ teams of highly-skilled engineers and support staff.

Military grade engineering solutions

WFEL’s in-house R & D function enables the company to provide additional military-grade engineering solutions across the defence sector, including aeronautical and vehicular equipment.

Emergency and disaster relief operations

As a prime contractor to the UK Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense, WFEL’s military bridging systems have been used by coalition forces on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and have been deployed in civilian aid operations in disaster zones around the world.

WFEL’s bridging systems have supported emergency and disaster relief operations in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters and provided easy and rapidly-deployable gap crossing capabilities, as well as temporary infrastructure that is crucial to the re-building process.

DSB – Dry Support Bridge

WFEL’s DSB Dry Support Bridge is the new generation of bridging of its type. Deployable by just eight personnel and a single launch vehicle, the DSB can get traffic moving over a 46m gap in under 90 minutes. With a 120 MLC rating, the Dry Support Bridge has been designed and proven for use in both military and disaster relief situations and is in service with the US, Swiss, Australian and Turkish armies.

The DSB is a 4.3m wide, fully-decked bridge which, once built, can be supplemented by a separate footpath and handrail, allowing civilian personnel to cross the bridge safely and away from vehicular traffic.

The DSB launch vehicle is available on a range of chassis, including Rheinmetall RMMV, IVECO and Osh Kosh.

WFEL’s Dry Support Bridge has repeatedly proven its value in the field, with deployment in the USA, Europe, South Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

MGB: Medium Girder Bridge

More than 500 Medium Girder Bridge (MGB) systems have been purchased by armed forces around the world since the MGB first went into service with the British Army in 1971.

Significantly developed from the initial design to its multi-role capability of today, component interchangeability across any bridge of any age has been maintained. MGB units are light, easily transported and can be adapted for most tactical bridging requirements.

The MGB meets the evolving needs for bridging equipment across a wide spectrum of wet-gap and dry-gap requirements, from short irrigation channels, through ravines to large expanses of water. Rapidly deployed, adaptable and cost-effective, the MGB is ideal for a wide range of military or emergency and disaster relief situations.

The MGB system includes piers, pontoons and ferries, all engineered for deployment with minimum manpower.

APFB: Air Portable Ferry Bridge

The Air Portable Ferry Bridge (APFB), initially manufactured to meet the requirements of the British Army, can be used by light forces in roles which increasingly demand mobility and flexibility. A modular system that can be transported rapidly and easily by land, sea and air, the APFB can be built by troops or trained civilians in military or civil emergency applications and in a variety of climates.

Despite its light weight and portability, the APFB is classified to MLC 35 (T) and MLC 35 (W). It can be used to bridge both wet and dry gaps, employed as an overbridge and incorporates a ferry system.

The bridge’s versatility is enhanced even further by the facility to configure transportation using its own trailers, pallets or ISO containers, making it ideal for disaster relief operations as well as ‘fly forward forces’.

The APFB is based on WFEL’s highly successful Medium Girder Bridge (MGB) and the two bridges share many common parts.

MGB Medium Girder Bridge

The WFEL Medium Girder Bridge (MGB) is a classic example of high-quality precision military engineering that has stood the test of time. In operation since 1971, over 500 MGB systems have been acquired by 40 armed forces worldwide.

MGB Medium Girder Bridge

The MGB Medium Girder Bridge is a classic example of high-quality precision military engineering and today's MGB has multi-role capabilities.

WFEL to Showcase Dual-Role Military Bridges at IDEF 2019

The current growing ‘state of readiness for battle’ for many militaries around the world, combined with the greater involvement of the military in support of natural disasters, illustrates the strategic importance of the dual-role capabilities of WFEL’s bridging systems.

WFEL Receives Armed Forces Covenant Award for Defence Support

UK military bridge manufacturer, WFEL, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Bronze Award, which acknowledges the company's support to defence and the wider Armed Forces community.

UK Defence Minister Praises Bridge Manufacturer WFEL

UK Defence Minister Stuart Andrew visited Stockport military bridge manufacturer WFEL to mark the completion of a multi-million-pound contract to supply the Australian Army with vital logistics equipment.


Sir Richard Fairey Road

Heaton Chapel




United Kingdom