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ODU AMC® Introduces New Miniature Connector Series

ODU, the trusted connector technology advisor, is rounding off its extensive product portfolio with its miniature connector series.

With a diameter of less than 10mm-18.5mm and a pole density of up to 40 contacts, the ODU AMC High-Density proves that functionality and premium-quality do not require a lot of space.

As well as the multi-position signal connector, the new product series has different versions for power, signal, and data transmission, which provides the highest performance and functionality in a compact package.

One of the main features of the product series is the space-saving ODU AMC High-Density for USB 3.0 data transfer at a rate of 5 GBit/s.

The ODU miniature connector has a long service life of more than 5,000 mating cycles, even under severe environmental conditions like the impact of water, dirt, salt, and temperature.

Blind mating and optimised mechanical and colour coding guarantee safe and simple handling.

Through the break-away function, the reliable connection can be detached in an instant with a pull on the cable.

The break-away function is available as part of the connector solution upon customers requirements.

The new ODU AMC High-Density is the response to a market demand that ODU identified in the military and security field in Europe and USA.

ODU also offers the ODU AMC High-Density for medical, measurement and testing, sensor technology, and communication applications.

Please find more information about ODU and the new connector series on www.odu.de

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