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New ODU-MAC Catalogue Released

The ODU-MAC catalogue lists the extended portfolio in a new, appealing design. User-friendly, with a fresh ODU design and featuring the latest product enhancements, the new ODU-MAC catalogue is out now.

In addition to a detailed description, the specialist in electrical connector technology provides information about all of its new products, optional applications and variations. Whether it’s power, signals, data or media, various types of transmission can be combined in the compact hybrid connector.

The ODU-MAC is based on the modular construction principle, with virtually endless options for module configuration. What’s more, the rectangular connector features high density packing and up to 100,000 mating cycles and more.

For ease-of-use, the new catalogue follows the same system as the online configurator: customers first of all choose between six standard automatic docking solutions, or a range of different housings for manual plugging.

They then select the modules they require, individual and made to measure. The catalogue is available for download here.

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