Further strong growth for ODU in financial year 2014 - Army Technology
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Further strong growth for ODU in financial year 2014

ODU has had a successful financial year, with growth of 8% in 2004.

The specialist in electrical connector technology positioned itself very well in the world market. In particular, growth was recorded in the fields of military and security technology and in medical technology.

ODU manager Dr Joachim Belz said: "We’re more than satisfied with the positive annual financial statements.

"We see further growth potential in the current year, particularly in the European economy, despite all the uncertainties. The US and China will become more essential."

With premium connectors for highly demanding applications, the mid-sized company is active in several market segments and is generating much of its revenue with tailored solutions.

Dr Belz said: "In this way, we’re less dependent on the general economy while constantly opening new applications for our range of services."

Together with earnings-based growth, the expansion of ODU’s global presence is the particular focus of its corporate strategy.

In other European countries, ODU succeeded in becoming significantly closer to its customers last year, thanks to the establishment of two subsidiaries in Denmark and Italy.

The location in England is also expected to become more and more significant as a result of the expansion of the sales team in 2015.

In addition, the specialist for electrical connector technology acce¬lerated its activities in the growing Asian and American markets.

Dr Belz said: "With increased sales teams and supported by local development centres, we’re focusing here more on region-specific connector solutions.

"Thanks to our customer focus, flexibility and expertise, our premium products are prominent in the international competition."

Nationally and internationally, the focus is on modular connectors (such as the ODU-MAC), the push-pull connector series (like ODU MINI-SNAP or ODU AMC), and custom cable assembly.

Investment will also take place in the areas of manufacturing technology and development.

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