The Next Generation Connector for the Soldier of the Future

ODU is involved in soldier modernisation programmes worldwide, working on new generation connecting systems which are lighter, rugged, self-sealing, simple and intuitive in use and suitable for cleaning in the field.

As requirements for tough, reliable soldier systems evolve, ODU develops new connector systems for the ever-changing military environment.

The advantages of the ODU Advanced Military Connector are:

  • Push-pull locking or pull-off function
  • Optimized mechanical keying
  • Colour keying possibility
  • Extremely rugged and solid build
  • Usability under the most hostile conditions
  • Lightweight, small and easy handling
  • Excellent shielding features (360°)
  • Watertight protection class IP 68
  • Excellent data transmission
  • Individual contact configuration: signals, low/high voltage transmission, coax/triax, fibre optic, compressed air and fluids inserts are possible in one connector
  • Lifetime of more than 5,000 mating cycles
  • Easy handling and blind mating
  • Operating temperatures ranging from –55°C to +125°C
  • System Solution including cable assembly and over-moulding
  • Version with spring loaded contacts
  • Easy cleaning version
  • Possibility of mating under load
  • Certified military company for years

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