Meteolabor AG

The CSP series is used to protect all kind of HF signals, such as radio, GPS, 5G, satelite reception etc. It is equipped with N, BNC or SMA plugs.

  • A PIRANHA 6x6 equipped with EMP protection from Meteolabor.
  • The USP series offers EMP protection for power up to 400 V / 64 A. For larger currents Meteolabor has its PLP and PLP-FC series up to 400 V / 1000 A.
  • Signals and data are protected from EMP and lightning with the USS-2 series from Meteolabor. Most USS-2 can be used up to 6 Ampere.
  • Meteolabor has different series for different needs. The image shows USS-1, USS-2 and theUSP series.