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43130 Osgood Road, Fremont, CA 94539,Other, United States of America

43130 Osgood Road, Fremont, CA 94539,Other, United States of America

InnoDisk Corporation, a global leading manufacturer of DRAM and flash storage products, provides advanced technological storage solutions for industries such as aviation, communications, embedded computing, medical, military, mission-critical and servers. InnoDisk designs industrial CF Card, IDE DOM, SATADOM, USB DOM, CFast, 1.8in and 2.5in SSD, PCIe SSD, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 DIMM, SODIMM, and server modules.

InnoDisk provides enhanced features for mission-critical applications, including write protect, quick-erase, secure erase, secure-erase-destroy, conformal coating in Compact Flash, SATADOM i-100, InnoRobust SSD, and PCIe SSD.

Rugged SSDs for military applications

For military requirements, InnoRobust SSDs support MIL STD shock, vibration and temperature guidelines set by various armed forces. This SSD series have write protect, quick-erase, secure erase, and secure destroy features that meet the standards of DoD, NSA, Navy, Air Force, Army and NISPOMSUP. (For example, InnoRobust Ultra SSD quick erase feature can erase a 128GB SSD within 35 seconds compared to a standard ATA Drive that  would take up to 1371 seconds to be erased. That is impressive!)

InnoDisk latest design and a powerful alternative to traditional storage, the Matador® PCIe Solid State Disk (PCIe SSD), is a major advancement in versatile, high-performance storage solution, Matador® PCIe SSD features easy plug-and-play integration, high performance and high reliability.  Matador® PCIe SSD is fully compatible with any standard PCIe connector. Unlike traditional HDD and even SSD, Matador® PCIe SSD offers high performance, high reliability, large capacity, and low power consumption. At 910MB per second, Matador® PCIe SSD is the perfect fit for applications like enterprise servers, mission critical and cloud computing.

Custom SSD solutions

InnoDisk offers custom solutions from unique form factors to special firmware designs, we can meet or exceed customer’s requirements. While large corporations can be rigid in design requests, we, at InnoDisk, listen to the customer’s requirements and fill that void where others are unwilling.

Hardware, software and firmware support services

InnoDisk has the R&D capabilities and logistics team to support you – our hardware, software and firmware engineers look at a problem and use our expertise to derive to the best solution for our customer’s needs. Once the product meets our customer’s requirements, we will produce that design in our ISO9001 factory. Our lead-time is the shortest within our industry, 10 working days for most orders!

InnoDisk Vision

InnoDisk has the vision: We were first to market with our SATADOM Design, improved flash memory lifespan by 30x and IOPS speed by 100x with our EverGreen Product, and produced Military SSD’s where others had failed. Our vision is to make customer storage requirements into simple solution.

Colibrys Exhibitions 2009

Colibrys is frequently exhibiting in the USA, in Japan and in Europe. This is a great opportunity for us to present you our products and to exchange very valuable information with you. Please do not hesitate to visit us worldwide on our booths. Exhibitions 2009 NDI

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InnoDisk Corporation

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