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Polish-based WB Group is the largest private concern in the defence sector. It offers state-of-the-art solutions for international armed forces in the following areas:

  • Communication, command, reconnaissance and weapons control systems
  • Various classes of unmanned systems
  • IT systems and cyber security solutions
  • Fitting-out and modernisation of military vehicles

The group focuses on innovation and development of cutting-edge technological solutions. The business philosophy assumed by the group is expressed in its product offering, which includes globally unique solutions deployed in the most demanding markets.

Technologies offered by the WB Group are based on years of expertise gained during operation of the group’s solutions implemented in Polish armed forces, as well as on long-term cooperation with the most demanding customers all worldwide. This makes the WB Group today the largest Polish exporter of military technologies serving customers in dozens of countries, including the US.

The group focuses on the innovation and development of cutting-edge technological solutions. The assumed business philosophy is expressed in the group’s product offering, which includes globally unique solutions, customised to local conditions and to meet specific requirements of customers. This approach allows systems offered by the WB Group to be successfully implemented on the most demanding markets.

Proprietary solutions define standards not only in Poland but also globally, and are the source of WB Group member companies’ successes on the global market of military systems.

WB Group currently employs more than 800 people, more than a half of whom are engineers and R&D staff. WB Group, with WB Electronics playing the leading role, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of specialised electronics and advanced command and control integration systems for the Polish Armed Forces. The Group has been operating on many markets. These include markets in Europe and the US, South America, North Africa, India, Vietnam or Malaysia.


For many years WB ELECTRONICS has been successfully exploring new application areas of electronics and IT systems in military technologies, whereas proprietary new tech solutions developed by the company have allowed it to develop innovative products with unique functionality.

Systems developed in WB Electronics such as FONET and TOPAZ has led Polish armed forces into the 21st century by setting new standards in key national security areas. The company also specialises in cryptographic solutions. WB Electronics is the leader in the WB capital group with the majority stake.

RADMOR is a company with a long history and tradition dating back to 1947. Over the years of its operation, it has been rapidly developing, expanding the range of its products and services. RADMOR is currently the largest Polish manufacturer of mobile and portable UHF radio equipment and advanced programmable digital transceivers.

FLYTRONIC, a member of the WB Group, is a research and development centre focusing its activities on reconnaissance and observation systems based on UAV platforms. Flytronic is a dynamic and modern engineering company based on professional experience of its renowned specialists and experts who ensure successful completion of the most innovative global projects.

MindMade is a Polish R&D leader in advanced mobile wireless solutions dedicated to special and M2M communications. Activity of MindMade includes development and production of electronic equipment and integrated data transmission and communication systems.

AREX has been developing, testing and manufacturing automation components, measuring instruments, control systems and diagnostic systems. The company has been also delivering custom projects and projects that require engineering solutions in the area of armament control and fire control systems.

Communication and command systems

From the very beginning, communications and command systems have been key products in the WB Group’s portfolio. The FONET digital communication system and TOPAZ artillery command and fire control system created by the Group’s development team have been setting standards in the area of advanced communication and fire control systems for many years.

WB Group’s communication and command systems are currently operated not only by the Polish Armed Forces, but also by armed forces of such countries, as the US, Sweden, Malaysia and Hungary.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

For years WB Group has been consistently designing and developing unmanned systems of various classes. From micro-class reconnaissance systems, up to armed tactical-class UAVs with effective range of 200km. Long-term experience in operation of UAVs gained by WB Group’s engineering team, also in combat conditions, make the equipment offered by the WB Group reliable and proven solutions dedicated for specific user needs.

Fitting-out and modernisation of military vehicles

Years of experience in integration of various types of specialised equipment for military vehicles has allowed WB group to develop high competencies in the area of used military equipment and armament modernisation. WB Group currently offers operated military equipment comprehensive installation services of the latest, world-class communication, command and fire control systems and electronic armament control systems compatible with the highest NATO standards.

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Press Release

New Mini Class UAS FLYEYE Delivered to Polish Armed Forces

WB Group has delivered the first batch of mini class UAS FLYEYE to the Polish Armed Forces following the award of a $3m contract on 3 December by the country's MOD.

WB Group

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+48 22 731 25 00 + 48 22 731 25 01 www.wb.com.pl

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Press Release

21 December 2018

WB Group has delivered the first batch of mini class UAS FLYEYE to the Polish Armed Forces following the award of a $3m contract on 3 December by the country's MOD.

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4 September 2018

WB Group is pleased to announce the evolution of its TOPAZ software system from only a fire control software system to a fully integrated combat management system (ICMS) for military users providing a comprehensive suite of tools for commanders to enable quicker decision making and reaction.

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19 April 2018

On 18 April, WB GROUP (WBG), represented by WBE TECHNOLOGIES (WBET), Malaysia, officially signed the offset agreement for the Transfer of Technology (TOT) with MINDEF MALAYSIA and DRB-HICOM DEFTECH.

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8 March 2018

The Abu Dhabi desert has seen the official UAV FLYEYE airshow that capped off WB GROUP’s exposition at UMEX 2018, the largest conference and exhibition for unmanned systems.

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2 November 2017

On 31 October, WB Electronics’ President, Piotr Wojciechowski, signed a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with the Australian Company, Cablex, to move towards a partnership that will provide WB’s extensive range of Military products to the Australian Ministry of Defence.

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3 February 2010

The SKOM Mortar Fire Control System is designed to control and perform, safely and precisely, fire execution tasks of towed mortars. The SKOM system is also focused on reducing human errors. It allows to engage automatically and individually recognized targets as an independent unit, or targets r

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Regional Offices

WB Group

Ul. Poznańska 129/133

05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki



+48 22 731 25 00 + 48 22 731 25 01 www.wb.com.pl

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