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Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems

Mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) Towers for Defence Applications

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems designs and manufactures mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers and modular, transportable ATC facilities such as visual control rooms, approach control rooms, and equipment rooms.

Centric, Unit A2,
Latimer Way,
NG22 9QW United Kingdom

Centric, Unit A2,
Latimer Way,
NG22 9QW United Kingdom

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems designs and manufactures mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers and modular, transportable ATC facilities such as visual control rooms, approach control rooms, and equipment rooms.

We supply and integrate ATC communication, navigation and surveillance systems to customer specifications, installing them into our products to provide a fully mobile capability.

Air transportable ATC systems for military applications

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems’ solutions are air transportable and can be deployed in a short period of time by small teams of personnel with minimal training.

We can utilise equipment from all major manufacturers and work alongside clients to find the best solution to meet their individual requirements.

There are four models of elevating mobile ATC towers (MATCT) or mobile visual control rooms (MVCR) in our product range.

Trailer-mounted ATC towers for the defence industry

The 5th Wheel Trailer MVCR can be towed by a standard commercial tractor unit equipped with air brakes and a fifth wheel coupling. It is equipped with ‘super single’ wheels to give an enhanced ride on rough terrain while the air suspension allows the whole trailer to be raised to a higher ride height if required.

The trailer is designed to hold a standard 20ft ISO coupling container on its elevating bed and to raise the attached VCR container to a floor height of around 6m, providing an eye level of around 7.5m when seated.

The trailer is equipped with extending hydraulic stabilisers and an automatic self-leveling system. Safety interlocks and positive hydraulic drive prevent accidental raising or lowering of the platform. The VCR cabin is fabricated from raw materials to ensure the highest quality build standards. It is manufactured to be dimensionally compliant, with a 20ft ISO container for shipping, transport and airlift.

Internally, the MVCR is equipped with a nine-bay 19in rack width console, providing 108U of equipment space and room for three to four operators. Day and night (red) lighting is provided in the console and ceiling while a comfortable environment is assured by dual air-conditioning units with an additional capability to duct air to the console if required.

ATC grade-tinted and sloped double glazing and blinds are installed as standard, and aluminium covers are provided to protect the windows in transit. The VCR can be disconnected from the trailer and both can be loaded into a C130J (or larger) aircraft.

A 15kVA generator is mounted on the trailer step platform and provides power independently to the tower if the mains power fails. An automatic mains failure unit switches the generator on and off in the event of loss of power while a UPS keeps critical systems alive until the generator comes online.

Tow-bar trailers for disaster relief and military missions

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems’ Tow Bar Trailer provides the same capability as the 5th Wheel Trailer, but utilises a tow hitch instead of a fifth wheel. This means that any tractor unit with the correct towing weight can tow the vehicle.

Alternatively, we can provide a Compact Tow Bar Trailer for smaller operations, including disaster relief. This compact trailer is generally easier to deploy and provides a 10ft ISO container-sized MVCR, which provides enough room for two to three operators.

The console is hydraulically elevated to provide an operator eye level of about 5.5m and can house 60U of ATC equipment within its frame. This cost-effective unit has hydraulic stabilisers and safety functions without the need for an automatic self-levelling system.

Bespoke modular ATC towers for individual client requirements

Standard sized VCRs can be mounted on additional ISO containers or supporting frames to provide a transportable solution for longer term deployments.

The choice of one or two supporting containers can be equipped to house generators, equipment rooms, crew rooms, and welfare facilities as required by the customer. The lower containers can also be equipped as control and equipment rooms, providing the same functionality of a small fixed tower.

A bespoke design can also be considered for this type of tower and can include offices and internal staircases. This means that the tower can be considered as a longer-term solution that may be more cost-effective than a permanent build.

Industry-leading vehicle-mounted solutions

The 20ft elevating VCR can be supplied mounted onto a large 6×6 vehicle, and smaller 4×4 vehicles can be used to carry VCRs for fast tactical response requirements that may require airlift and an off-road capability.

Both are self-contained units complete with generators and all operational equipment on board.

Modular ATC Tower

The Modular ATC Tower solutions, Container and Frame mounted, are designed for applications where the full mobility provided by trailer is not required.

Off Road ATC VCRs

Off road Mobile VCRs are designed for deployment into areas where terrain would preclude the use of normal trailer mounted solutions or where it is preferred the unit deploy under its own power. 

ATC Trailer 5th Wheel

5th Wheel Trailer Mounted Fully Mobile, Elevating ATC Cabin for 3 + 1 operators, capable of handling over 600 movements a day.

All Terrain 4×4 LGV based ATC Cabin for 2 + 1 operators

Purpose-built 4x4 off road commercial vehicles provide an ideal platform for Tactical ATC MVCRs which can provide strategic and tactical mobility to military ATC units responsible for rapid greenfield airfield deployments worldwide.

Providing Safe Air Traffic Control Systems for Disaster Relief

One of the fastest ways to provide relief after any natural disaster is by air transport.  However, almost inevitably, the local Air Traffic Control (ATC) facilities, and particularly the airport Visual Control Room (VCR) that would normally provide safe, effective approach and departure operations into the airport will have been badly impacted, if not destroyed.

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems

Centric, Unit A2

Latimer Way



NG22 9QW

United Kingdom