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Military Avionics, Military Communications and Weapon Control Systems

PO Box 97,
Olav Brunborgs vei 4, 2nd Floor,
NO-1375 Billingstad,

PO Box 97,
Olav Brunborgs vei 4, 2nd Floor,
NO-1375 Billingstad,

Kitron is a leading provider of international electronic manufacturing services (EMS) with operations in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, China and the US where manufacturing and related services are delivered to customers globally. The company has close to 50 years of experience within the EMS industry and has earned excellent references from global partners.

Kitron’s defence segment consists of three main product divisions: military avionics, military communications and weapon control systems. Kitron offers services throughout the entire value chain.

Military avionic, missile and CCIS EMS testing and adaptation services

Dedicated to our customers’ ambitions and needs, Kitron specialises in complex military projects. Programmes with both European and US customers have made Kitron an experienced partner within the defence industry cooperation, where our areas of special expertise include new product introduction, test development, environmental stress screening (ESS) services, state-of-the-art conformal coating processes, box-build / high-level assembly (HLA), as well as cutting-edge technology transfer and adaptation of new production methods.

Sub-units and systems for advanced military equipment

Throughout recent decades, Kitron has been engaged in a number of programmes to supply sub-units, as well as complete systems, for use in advanced military equipment. These programmes are carried out in close cooperation with major international manufacturers of avionics, missiles, command, control and information systems (CCIS), as well as training simulators.

Our customer reference list includes prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corporation, BAE Systems, Thales, Kongsberg Protech, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace, GE Aviation, SAAB Bofors Dynamics, SAAB Underwater Systems, SAAB Transpondertech, SAAB Avitronics and SAAB Training Systems. For example, Kitron manufactures, tests, maintains and repairs the integrated backplane assembly in the F-35 joint strike fighter.

Military avionic components, logistics, production and testing services

Kitron takes responsibility for design, industrialisation, sourcing and procurement of components, logistics, production, testing and deliveries of complete products to end-users as well as sustainment programmes such as repair and maintenance. Kitron’s manufacturing facilities carry out cutting-edge technology in the assembly and testing of end products as well as thick-film, multi-chip modules and printed circuit boards.

Military avionics for exposed environments

Kitron provides circuit card / printed board assembly, including special cleaning and coating processes. A special conformal coating process makes it possible to produce electronics for all types of operating environments, including rough environments subsea, on land and in the air.

Military avionic manufacturing facilities

Kitron has separate facilities for manufacturing military applications. However, technology and experience from other market segments within Kitron operations such as telecoms, energy, offshore / marine, medical equipment and other industrial segments are also applied within military communications, command and control systems, missiles and avionics, and training and simulator systems.

Processes are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and AQAP-2120 approved. Relevant employees are cleared for Nato Secret.

Sub-assemblies for military control systems

In recent years Kitron has been engaged in a number of offset / industrial cooperation programmes delivering sub-assemblies as well as box build and high-level assemblies for use in fire control systems, communication systems, missiles and electronic modules for military aircraft for prime contractors in the defence industry, both in Europe and the US.

V-280 Valor Helicopter

The V-280 Valor is a third-generation tilt-rotor vertical lift helicopter being developed by the US-based aircraft manufacturer, Bell Helicopter Textron.

AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

AMV35 is a new combat reconnaissance vehicle (CRV) being offered by BAE Systems Australia, Patria Land Systems and BAE Systems Hägglunds for the LAND 400 Phase 2 programme, which aims to replace the Australian Army’s ageing fleet of Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAV).

Tiger 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Tiger 4x4 armoured personnel carrier (APC) is produced by Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing, a producer of special-purpose vehicles headquartered in Shaаnxi Province, China.

Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) Missile

Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) interceptor missile is developed by Lockheed Martin for the US Army, as part of the Extended Area Protection and Survivability Integrated Demonstration (EAPS ID) programme.

Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB)

Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) is a long-range, all-aspect, precision-attack, ground-launched weapon developed by Saab in partnership with Boeing to address the emerging needs of armed forces.

Kitron Releases New White Paper

Kitron has released a new, free-to-download white paper outlining the wide range of EMS-services offered within industrial applications, such as automation, control systems (ECU), material warehousing and security. Click

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