Nothing could describe more accurately modern warfare and stealth becomes more valuable than ever.

Insurgents, in modern Theatres of Operations are increasingly attacking security forces
using thermal/IR imagers and sensors combined to heat seeking missiles either stolen
from state troops or bought on the black market

Commanders now worry that this new equipment used by insurgents against security
forces puts them in a situation imposing lethal consequences.

With this new battlefield visibility insurgents have quadrupled nighttime attacks from 2014 to 2017, according to various military sources.

Advanced equipment, such as thermal/IR imagers, handheld or even attached to a
common mobile phone, is being seized by other extremist groups in other global conflict zones, in Yemen or elsewhere.

Additionally to widespread thermal/IR imaging capabilities, heat seeking missiles and
warheads used in Yemen by Houthi rebels pose also a serious threat against lives,
military infrastructure and equipment.

Modern threats require modern countermeasures while the golden rule of survivability still demands not to be seen and if seen not be engaged. It’s far better for the warfighter to rely on passive defense layers than being obliged to make use of weapons and active countermeasures.

Obsolete fabric-based solutions such as camouflage nets or covers, are not of this
century: heavy, susceptible to tear, cover vehicle’s or weapon systems’ hatches and
sensors, demand operator’s attention and soldiers’ valuable time to deploy. Slow, heavy
and insufficient.

Intermat has developed a state-of-the art product, the “CHAMELEON SKIN©” which comes in the form of a decal of top 3M quality and provides all stealth (visual and most important anti-thermal) capabilities ready to be applied by military/law enforcement
personnel as easy as a “stick-n-go” action.

As anti-thermal/IR is defined the feature of an object with minimized thermal/IR signature and thus remain unobserved through a thermal imager, and more important a “no-lock” effect is achieved against thermal seeking warheads and missiles.

A real stealth solution for the common soldier, a “stealth for the masses” modern
capability: “apply and forget” No need for extra burden or maintenance (as such in paints and coatings or fabrics and camouflage nets): change camouflage pattern and deceive any adversary during operations and of course have a stealth feature that previously was kept only for high profile weapon systems.

Once applied, no attention needed, no extra weight added, no conflict to onboard
sensors or vehicle’s mobility. Highly customizable, besides the already available patterns (urban, arctic, woodland, jungle, rocky and many more) it is even possible to receive an image from operational environment and turn it to a camouflage pattern ready to be forwarded practically anywhere and stick on any soldier’s or law enforcement personnel’s equipment, vehicle etc providing stealth camouflage on any kind of asset. Also a must-have for any peacekeeping operation deployed in different operational environments.

Intermat coatings technology already applied on “CHAMELEON SKIN©” integrates high
Stealth Mobility and high Stealth Capability in an all-in-one combat-proven weightless
camouflage system: The utmost protection that warfighters, vehicles, weapon systems
and assets can have.

A real force multiplier in the form of a decal which minimizes your enemy’s real-time
capability to utilize your thermal/IR signatures to:

• Detect
• Recognize
• Identify
• Engage
• Hit
your assets

The “CHAMELEON SKIN©” minimize Kill Probability against:

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles /Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles reconnaissance and hit
• Thermal Seeking Warheads/Thermal Sensors Detection
• Anti-Tank Missiles (ATM), Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM),
• Anti-Tank Guided Weapons (ATGW)
• Air to Ground and Ground to Ground Missiles that use EO/IR sensors
More than that, the range of weapons and sensors is highly increased as with the
“CHAMELEON SKIN©” applied, platforms can approach closer to enemy’s lines and
reach deeper in enemy’s territory.
Proven in combat, Intermat’s technology once again provides the absolute solution
against modern lethal threats in a low-cost/force multiplying package.