Will-Burt’s patented Remote Locking System for pneumatic masts allows an operator to lock and unlock the mast from an assured distance. No manual interaction is required to raise or lower the mast. Operation of the system is intuitive, requiring less training and reducing the risk of operator error.

The Remote Locking System is available on any heavy-duty pneumatic mast system or larger.

Features and specifications:

• Stand clear from payload during deployment and retraction
• Easy to understand and operate control
• No access ladders needed
• Simplifies through-roof installations
• Reduces key and lock wear
• Super pins for longer lock life
• Close azimuth design to reduce mast movement
• Can use existing pneumatic air supply
• Reduces water and dust ingress
• Includes locks, wired remote control and control system
• Available for heavy-duty locking pneumatic masts or larger

The system includes locks, wired remote control and control system and is available for mast tube sizes from 13.5in (343mm) to 3in (76mm).