Sierra-Olympic Technologies, supplier of infrared (IR) and thermal imaging components, cameras, and systems solutions for innovative imaging applications, introduces the Vayu HD, an uncooled thermal camera with true high-definition (1,920px x 1,200px) and capable of 1,080px output. The new thermal imager replaces the recently introduced Viento HD and Viento HD IP67 cameras and features the same longwave infrared (LWIR) spectral response from 8µm to 14µm, making it ideal for security, border protection, military imaging, airborne recon, and wide area surveillance.

The rugged Vayu HD provides unprecedented image resolution utilising a vanadium oxide microbolometer (VOx) sensor with a capacity of more than 2.3 million pixels on a 12-micron pixel pitch, in a commercially designed, IP67-environmentally rated, stand-alone camera. Other features include an athermalised 24mm F1.1 custom-designed optic, 30Hz frame rate, and three video formats: HD-SDI, h.264 IP-Video, or 16-bit Camera Link output. Custom lenses are available upon request.

The Vayu HD, with its processor core, provides integrated image enhancement functions, electronic image stabilisation, onboard image and video storage, and true Ethernet or RS-422 camera control capabilities. Like its predecessors, the uncooled microbolometer detector offers a long life for the camera system by eliminating the need for a cryocooler that would require periodic servicing and/or replacement.