AAR Mobility Systems has been awarded a $2 million order to provide customised TFI shelters to support the US Air Force Security Forces’ Desert Defender program.

The company will provide 20ft and 9ft variants of its TFI shelters, which will be used for weapons repair and armories. The shelters will be manufactured in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

AAR Mobility Systems business development vice-president Jeffrey Jackson said: “Mobility Systems, along with our partners, are focused on providing world-class integrated solutions to support the US Air Force’s Security Forces.

“These customised shelters, in addition to the ISU® 90 KCI Military Working Dog Kennel containers, continue to show our growth within the Desert Defender Program.”

AAR Mobility Systems’ TFI shelters are lightweight and readily air-transportable with movable corner blocks, roller plates, and 463L compatible detachable detent rails, which eliminate the need for pallets and chains at the airfield. Their TFI shelters are designed to meet all key performance specifications of ASTM E-1925, ASTM E-1976, ISO 1496-1 and -2, ISO 1161-1990, and ISO 668-1995.