As part of our ongoing development programs Threod Systems is proud to announce our new launcher – CATA.

The CATA is a pneumatic launcher, capable of launching 60 kg UAV to maximum end velocity of 52 m/s and can launch up to 150 kg UAV’s. The launcher is designed on a dual axle trailer, has a total weight of 2500 kg and can fit into ISO20 container. CATA uses diesel engine to power the whole system and can operate in harsh climate conditions. System operational deployment time is less than 15 minutes and the system is fully operated through user-friendly control panel, providing real-time launcher diagnostics, feedback, data logging and setup option from a safe distance of 20 meters from the launcher.

Showcasing Threod Systems exceptional Engineering and Production teams, the whole system was designed and the prototype built in under a year, considered fast by industry standards. The prototype went through an extensive testing and over 250 successful launches were made during the design verification period to ensure full reliability of the launcher.