TeAx Technology, a valued partner for FLIR within the drone market, released its first add-on for the new FLIR Boson thermal core out of the ThermalCapture series, which was established back in 2013. The add-on provides a serial interface (UART) and enables users to communicate with the FLIR Boson and the sync interface to integrate with other sensors.

TeAx enables system integrators to communicate with FLIR Boson

“Since the FLIR Boson finally is available on the market, we at TeAx just started with a series of exciting developments for this thermal core from FLIR,” Stefan Thamke, one of the founders and CEOs of TeAx Technology, commented.

“We started with an add-on for the FLIR Boson, which enables drone system integrators for communication with the FLIR Boson via UART,” Thamke continued. The new add-on is a lightweight board between the FLIR Boson thermal core and a VPC module.

TeAx enables synchronisation for additional cameras

“In addition to the serial interface we now provide, the new add-on also allows to synchronise signals between the FLIR Boson and additional sensors, our clients may want to combine with each other,” Stefan Thamke explained.

“We recognise a demand from the drone market that clients would like to combine and synchronise multiple sensors with each other on their drones and operations,” Thamke said.

“This is the answer from TeAx to those who work with multiple sensors amongst professional thermal ones from FLIR,” added Michael Thoss, VP Sales & Marketing.

“I am happy that we at TeAx – again – are one of the first who can provide additional values to the new thermal cores from the market leader FLIR.”

“Without revealing too much yet, there are more exciting solutions and add-ons to be announced shortly for the global thermal drone industry,” Thoss concluded.

Quick overview TOP USPs

  • Control of Boson Cores without the need for USB
  • Low-level interface for maximum control
  • Access to External Sync for sensor fusion
  • Customisable for special client requests