Today, countries, governments and city leaders need to provide maximum security around the clock whilst constantly evolving with the threats. They need to have the capabilities to predict and mitigate threats and implement a swift response to them.

We need to be ready 24/7 for the next event, it’s a challenge not only in regard to achieving the ultimate goal; protecting lives, but in a more fundamental aspect – recognising the threats and addressing the specific requirements, coordinating the execution in order to not only safeguard civilians but also provide protection for the people that serve to protect.

The underlying concept of the Avnon Group is ‘keeping the people safe’. The Avnon Group capitalises on 30 years’ experience in the homeland security (HLS) and defence arena, providing customised solutions around the globe to governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies with national-scale solutions that help save lives and enhance public safety.

When looking at the Avnon Group, people should be able to understand the synergy and see that whilst each company has a diverse range of products and technologies, they all have a common thread – public safety.

Each of the 12 companies in the group were carefully chosen to enable us to enhance our solutions offering; from cyber technology to homeland security solutions such as IED technologies, safe city concepts, disaster management to supplying law enforcement agencies with the latest equipment and technologies; I believe we have created a holistic approach that provides our clients with not only a product but a complete conceptual solution, together with knowledge transfer that will enable them not only respond to today’s threats but prevent those beyond.

This is where TAR Ideal’s unique one-stop-shop concept comes in to play and sets us apart. From design and concept to hands-on execution – TAR Ideal provides fully tailored projects from A to Z.

As a group, we are client orientated, meaning that we learn and understand our clients’ needs, our flexibility enables us to create and develop solutions to meet the specific threats of our customers.

From our experience, the customer – be it government or private – requires efficiency to save time and costs. They want the optimal solution, with effective project management efficiently and swiftly, up to the delivery of the final product. TAR takes all the concerns of planning and execution off their hands, including post-delivery, ongoing training and management support, should the client require.

Operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, we are subject to all relevant industry licences and permits, both international and local.

As the most well-known company within the Avnon Group, TAR has well-established connections and experience working with governments, law enforcement agencies and elite units on a global scale. TAR is client orientated, as are all the companies within the Avnon Group. As a global HLS and defence contractor, we are focused on delivering the optimal solutions that prevent and protect on time and within budget.

The cherry on top? The human element. It’s not only our experts who are best of breed in the field, we will train your people to the same degree of excellence. That’s our guarantee.

If we go back to the opening statement of this article; in an era where threats to security are constant, from car ramming, terror attacks, cyber threats, drone threats, to border control and drug trafficking threaten the very core of public safety, that with TAR Ideal Concepts, your security wall is impenetrable, and the people protecting your borders and countries are covered to a maximum at all times; because keeping people safe is our business.