Companies like Gordon Technologies understand that a company’s success depends on its ability to meet the needs of its customers, which is why they choose to use Acura Embedded Systems’ rugged computing solutions. Gordon Technologies believes their relationship with Acura has contributed to their company’s success and growth.

Gordon Technologies says that the success of their systems and their business depends entirely upon components like those that Acura provides them with. These synergistically work together to ensure success. If one of these parts were to fail to work at any time, then the whole production will also be unable to function. The ramifications of a failed system are extensive. It is crucial that each computing system works without breaking down. If something stops working, that means expensive reparations, as well as costly fees that must be paid each time the work at the rig stops.

For example, if the work stopped for a few hours, that would result in people not only not getting paid, but actually having to pay additional fees to cover the losses. This is clearly a financially sensitive situation, so it is all the more important for each rugged computer to work under any circumstance.

Acura has the rugged solutions in its MWD surface systems to surpass the expectations of what is required in the industry today. Acura both designs and makes the systems that enable companies like Gordon Technologies to succeed in their daily operations. This renowned corporation serves the oil and gas industry with an innovative approach and their high standards are evident as they successfully function in some of the most challenging drilling conditions.

The surroundings in which Gordon Technologies conduct their operations are exposed to all kinds of weather variations, high temperatures, low temperatures, and direct sunlight. The rig is also in a constant state of vibration. Nothing in that environment ever stands still. Acura Embedded has the systems needed to rise to the occasion in these harsh environments.

That is why Gordon Technologies uses Acura computers such as the AcuPanel15HB as a part of their surface system technology. The high-quality AcuPanel15HB comes with military grade custom connectors. This rig-ready computer will endure any exterior pressure, including an explosion, should that ever occur. It also contains much less wiring compared to its competitors on the market today which contribute to the safety and efficiency of the computer.

In addition to that, the AcuPanel15HB contains IP65 Washable Casing and Anodised Aluminium Alloy. These features show just how durable this computer really is, being essentially waterproof and fireproof. With Intel 6th Gen i5/J1900 CPU, the AcuPanel15 HB is a powerful machine. It is also able to operate between the extreme temperatures of -40°C to 60°C, making this tough machine perfect for a variety of environments. Its 1000 NITS Sunlight Readable features mean that this computer screen will be readable even in the brightest conditions. Each of these features works together to make the AcuPanel15HB the powerhouse that it is.

Gordon Technologies says that their experiences with Acura have been extremely positive as Acura is very receptive to their input, as well as being willing to negotiate and work together in partnership settings in many areas, including pricing structure, whereas many other companies are less open-minded. They have concluded that Acura is a company they will continue to work with for a long time.

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