The Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) is an Air Warfare Centre Unit, located at RAF Brize Norton. It includes 115 (Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Civil Service) personnel and is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel.

The Air Portability (AP) Section ‘develops techniques and procedures for the loading and restraint of vehicles and equipment in fixed and rotary-winged aircraft. This helps enable the delivery by air, of manpower, machines and material through development, trials and training to enhance defence capability.’

Specific packing procedures have been devised for the 20.4m x 30m EFASS structure with Trident Doors at each end; the 25m x 40m EFASS featuring at Heli-Door in the front gable and Roller Shutter Door in the rear gable; the 18.2m Sunshade and the ECAS (9.1m RDS).

Rubb provides Special Packing Inspection Sheets (SPIS) to ensure items are packed and unpacked in conjunction with JADTEU specifications, so they can be transported in accordance with UK Defence Standards. This allows personnel from RAF 5001 Squadron to follow instructions about how to unpack and repack containers themselves when in theatre.