In 2012, Rubb UK completed construction of a custom-designed aluminium steel, hybrid helicopter hangar for the EDIC Horizon, at Al Ain International Airport. Almost 6 years later, we caught up with EDIC Horizon to see how the hangars are supporting their business.

Rubb supplied EDIC Horizon with three hangars measuring 23.5m x 36m. The helicopter hangars feature a mixture of Rubb’s durable hot-dip galvanized steel and aluminium sections, best known in the military market for being lightweight, with rapid construction times.

They are covered with a double skin, flame retardant, high tenacity, PVC coated polyester fabric, which has a life expectancy of at least 30 years. Rubb was responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly and all mechanical systems relating to the project.

The EDIC Horizon fleet includes Bell 206, Bell 407 and Bell 429 aircraft and flight simulators. The helicopter hangars are used for the storage and maintenance of the fleet helicopters. We revisited this project at Al Ain International Airport, one of Rubb’s flagship hangar sites in the UAE, to find out how it has been performing.

Business Development Manager Ahmed Abbas Mudhaffar Alblooshi was asked about the hangars:

How have the three hangars been performing over the past six years?

‘Excellent in design and construction. Also, these have remarkable high quality and durability. It has proven to be the most effective solution, especially in hot conditions.’

What has it been used for and how often?

‘It’s has been used for helicopter operations.’

How are the materials (aluminium, steel, PVC) standing up to the environment and elements?

‘Very good in providing protection from the high wind that reached up to 160 km/h. Good materials and components have been used that could stand the hot weather in the UAE.’

As clients what would you say are the benefits of a Rubb building?

‘Low maintenance cost, high quality, strong and lightweight.’

Does it provide any revenue for your organisation?

‘RUBB hangars are used for storage and maintenance of the helicopter and part of EDIC Horizon’s capital expenditure. It doesn’t generate any revenue for our organisation. But for sure it provides a big support to our operations.’

Do you have any comments on after sales service?

‘No, but regular check will be great.’

How would you rate the overall performance of your Rubb hangars to date?


What does the future hold for EDIC Horizon and its Rubb hangars?

‘EDIC Horizon is expanding its current fleet of helicopters by purchasing new helicopters. RUBB hangars would play a great role in the future by accommodating the new helicopters along with storing existing helicopters.’