Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR) today announced that one of the largest broadband and wireless telecommunications companies in the US has ordered more than 9,000 XSLATE D10 fully rugged tablet PCs, a move that will deliver significant cost savings to this long-time Xplore customer.

With this $13.5 million investment, the customer intends to completely eliminate the use of laptops by its fibre-optic service division.

Instead, it will mobilise personnel with a long-lasting, high performance PC solution powered by Android™ 5.1 Lollipop and an Intel® Atom™ E3845 Quad Core Processor. As a result, technicians will be empowered to expeditiously complete quality installations of video, internet, and telephony services in residential and commercial properties nationwide.

President and COO of Xplore Mark Holleran stated: "Having successfully supported the construction division for several years, we are pleased to expand our relationship through the addition of a second division at this leading telecommunications customer.

"Given the unique field service objectives and IT infrastructure requirements, as well as the scale and impact of such mobility projects, each division must independently evaluate the various PC form factors available in the market today."

After extensive field testing, the XSLATE D10 rugged tablet was the only mobile computing solution with the flexibility and adaptability to meet the division’s field-service performance standards and total cost of ownership target.

That success reflects the dedication of Xplore’s employees, who spent several months evaluating the challenges, understanding the goals, and then defining the mobility needs of this particular fibre-optic service division. They then collaborated on customisation of the XSLATE D10 feature set, such as equipping the 10.1in tablet with an HDMI-in port that will enable technicians to conduct network quality tests for all video, voice, and internet offerings using a single PC device.

Custom-designed software structures were also integrated into the IP65 rated and MIL-STD-810G certified tablet PC to meet the customer’s back office and workflow-specific compatibility requirements.

"Our close collaboration with this customer is another example of how hard we work to deliver the exact combination of mobility, ruggedness, connectivity, and software compatibility necessary for our customers to achieve maximum business results, including performing routine service actions, responding to field issues, and proactively selling revenue-generating upgrades," Holleran stressed.

"We are proud that once again Xplore was the only solution provider in the world capable of satisfying this telco’s very specific mobile computing criteria without requiring any compromises on their part."

This global-reaching telecommunications network and service provider had previously transitioned its US-based construction division from pen-and-paper processes to Xplore’s RangerX Pro Android Tablets beginning in 2014.

Now, the telco’s fibre-optic service workers will also enjoy real-time access to several data collection and analysis tools once the XSLATE D10 rugged tablets are rolled out. This includes everything from the multi-touch (pen and glove) capabilities of the outdoor viewable LED backlit display to the camera and voice inputs.

The technicians will also be able to securely transport and utilise the rugged tablets in their vehicle via the Xplore G2 Vehicle Docks and xDIM modules purchased by the fibre-optic service division, as part of the overall Xplore-delivered mobility solution.

Xplore expects this order to ship in its fiscal second and third quarters. Xplore Platinum Partner SHI International Corporation will manage the configuration and implementation of the XSLATE D10 rugged tablet solution for the telco, ensuring proper integration with all workflow applications and refining the solution as needed.

"According to VDC Research, in 2015, Xplore held a 34% share of the existing worldwide telecommunications and cable operator market for rugged tablets.

"This order demonstrates Xplore’s unique ability to convert customers served by laptop platforms, consumer grade solutions or paper workflows not included in that addressable market opportunity to more efficient and cost-effective mobile rugged tablet solutions, thereby expanding the total addressable market and gaining market share," noted Xplore CMO Peter Poulin.