Tyron exhibiting at AAD 2016

Runflats and wheels for off-road vehicles are on display at Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) being held at AFB Waterkloof, South Africa, from 14-18 September.

Tyron Runflats and its South African partner, Global Wheel, are displaying a runflat on the UK display in Hanger 4, stand 4E13, and on the DCD stand in Hanger 7 is a complete wheel assembly in front of the Mountain Lion.

"AAD has previously been a great opportunity for us in the Southern African market and an opportunity to support our partner, Global Wheel," said Tyron chief executive Richard Glazebrook.

"Amongst the contracts we have been successful on has been providing complete wheel assemblies for DCD’s Springbuck and Mountain Lion AFVs," he added.

Tyron ATR wheel assembly has a unique multi-part rubber runflat fitted to the Global Wheel two-part bolt-together steel wheels. This system is locally manufactured in Heidelberg for the Mountain Lion and Springbuck.

Tyron’s runflat’s are unique in that not only are they manufactured from rubber, their multi part design makes it easy to change a tyre on the side of the road without special tools. Tyron’s runflats have been proven to easily exceed the Finabel standards and are able to keep going at more than 50kmph for distances in excess of 100km.

The Global Wheel bolt-together wheels are available in both steel and aluminium, and when combined with the rubber of the ATR with enhanced beadlock, offer a guaranteed high level off-road flat tyre performance that is not possible with composite runflats.

The DCD vehicles can fulfil multiple roles on the battlefield. Their unique design incorporates a single piece, V-shaped armoured hull to provide maximum protection from blast, as well as from conventional ammunition. The vehicles are currently entering service with several African defence forces.