SFC Energy AG, technology and market leader in mobile and remote power solutions based on fuel cells, has received the Certificate of Approval of the German Federal Army for use of its EMILY 2200 fuel cell in power supply applications of the German Armed Forces.

The Approval was issued by the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Automotive and Armored Vehicles (WTD 41) on behalf of the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement.

EMILY 2200 was specifically developed for the demanding requirements in defense applications. The fully automatic, silent and environmentally friendly power generator reliably supplies electric and electronic defense equipment away from the grid, 24/7, in any weather. It can be used as a vehicle based power source, a stand alone generator or as a field charger.

In extensive tests the ruggedized fuel cell for defense applications proved its valour in deployment in a wide range of challenging scenarios. The EMILY 2200 was tested for functionality and operation in wheeled and tracked defense vehicles, for resistance to mechanical (shock or fall) and thermal stress, for operability in heights up to 4,000 m, and for operation in a wide range of environmental and weather conditions, for example, in extremely salty or dusty environments or in high humidity.

Beyond that, EMILY 2200 delivered compelling evidence of its electromagnetic compatibility and its low noise emissions.

"The Bundeswehr Certificate of Approval for EMILY 2200 is an important milestone for us", says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG. "The excellent test results of our fuel cell again confirm SFC’s technological competence and innovative power. And our customers in the indus-try and the consumer markets will also benefit from this."

Next to the EMILY 2200, SFC has been selling a successful portfolio of portable, mobile, stationary, and vehicle-based fuel cells for defense applications for many years. SFC power generators have been deployed by several big NATO defense organizations.