At IDEX 2017, Rheinmetall showcased its Oerlikon Fieldranger 20, a versatile, high-precision, remotely controlled weapon station that delivers impressive firepower.

Fieldranger is the first of a new family of weapon stations. These include the stabilised, fully digital Amarok for light and medium machine guns, and the Qimek for heavy machine guns, both of which are also on show.

In developing the Oerlikon Fieldranger, Rheinmetall continues a long tradition of excellence in the field of 20mm vehicle armament.

With a maximum effective range of 2,000 metres, the Oerlikon Fieldranger 20 bridges the gap between heavy machine guns and the medium-calibre main armament of modern infantry fighting vehicles.

Forming the system’s core element is a 20mm x 128 cal. Oerlikon KAE automatic cannon. This gas-operated weapon has a maximum rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute, but in rapid single-shot mode can operate with a programmable rate of fire between 100 and 300 rounds per minute. The ammunition is belt fed.

A number of different service ammunition types are currently available, including Armour Piercing-Tracer (AP-T), Semi-Armour Piercing full-calibre round with Pyrotechnically Induced Effect and Tracer (SAPPIE-T) and High-Explosive Incendiary – Tracer (HEI-T).

Long-range and strong terminal ballistic performance characterise the 20mm x 128 ammunition, whose flat trajectory results in enhanced precision and effectiveness. As a result, the Oerlikon Fieldranger 20 can effectively engage lightly armoured vehicles, field fortifications and targets in built-up terrain at ranges of up to 2,000m, even when it is on the move. For training purposes, Target Practice – Tracer (TP-T) ammunition is available.

An OBA-150L electro-optical sensor unit from Rheinmetall Defence Electronics lets the system operate day and night. Similarly integrated into the weapon station is the ROSY rapid smoke / obscurant system, made by Rheinmetall Waffe Munition. It is controlled from a console in the armoured fighting compartment. Highly reliable and easy to operate, it can be readily integrated into a variety of platforms.

The Oerlikon Fieldranger 20 therefore lends itself especially well to the role of main armament for armoured transport vehicles and reconnaissance vehicles, as well as unmanned platforms.

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