Recadata fills higher capacity gap in industrial grade military SSD line

Recadata recently added higher capacity 1TB to its MO-300 mSATA SSD of military SSDs for high-end industrial embedded applications requiring high-capacity and smaller form factor.

Unlike most industrial mSATA SSD made with only a smaller capacity option, the RECADATA I6M Series 1TB industrial mSATA SSD adopts single controller and higher-capacity, enterprise-grade 20 nanometres (nm) Intel MLC nand flash memory. The Recadata I6M series industrial mSATA SSD comes in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacity, endurance up to 2,360TBW and performance up to 530MB/s / 450MB/s sequential read / write.

By utilising enterprise grade original 20nm Intel MLC Nand Flash memory technology (5,000 times programme / erase while standard MLC is only 3,000 times P/E), the Recadata MLC line of industrial grade SSDs provides increased reliability, high MTBF and a longer lifecycle for mission critical applications. This feature will enable a longer lifespan for Recadata MLC SSD using. In addition, it will greatly cut down the TCO of your project where cost is a concern.

Designed to industrial grade specifications, Recadata I6M SSDs are available in both commercial (0°C to 70°C) and industrial (-40°C to 85°C) operating temperature ranges. Strict shock and vibration tests and 3,000 times unexpected power on / off testings are performed to ensure that Recadata I6M Industrial grade mSATA SSDs MLC SSDs meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Two weeks beforehand, Recadata expanded their 2.5in SATA industrial grade military SSD line I6 series further, which has up to 2TB MLC SSD and 512GB SLC SSD and is available in 2.5in SATA rugged design in 7mm and 9mm casing.

Details include:

  • Higher capacity: up to 2TB for MLC and 512GB for SLC
  • Standard size: 7mm / 9mm robust metal housing
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C
  • Longer lifespan by using enterprise grade flash chip
  • Power fail protection
  • Low cost per GB