Rajant has released their new JR2 BreadCrumb wireless receiver, an improved model of their BreadCrumb device.

This portable, wireless mesh network node contains one radio, and supports open-standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocols to enable data, voice and video applications. It can also form a mesh network when operated with other BreadCrumb devices too.

Operable in extreme conditions, the new JR2 BreadCrumb has several mounting options for a variety of mining, military and first responder applications. Its resilience makes it an ideal choice for open pit and underground mining applications, and its robust security settings makes it particularly useful for emergency and disaster relief communications. Rajant’s previous BreadCrumb device has already proved popular with military personnel, and now with the JR2 BreadCrumb’s low battery consumption and single-switch operation, security and data collection missions can be completed with greater efficiency and security.

For more information on the JR2 BreadCrumb wireless receiver, please download the free white paper here.