Oxley Developments’ high-quality vehicle lighting solution, the DC Combi, has been selected for inclusion on a tracked, armoured all-terrain vehicle for the Swedish Armed Forces.

BAE Systems will manufacture the vehicle based on their BvS10 which was originally developed for the Royal Marines.

The low-profile DC Combi, a recent success with Foxhound, GD and BAE Systems has been selected because of it outstanding performance, superior build and reliability. After successful trials, the light was approved and BAE Systems placed an initial order in March with a follow on for the production quantity shortly after.

The BvS10 is more commonly known to UK forces as ATV (P) or Viking. The vehicle will have a common front and variant specific rear modules including APC, C2, ambulance and logistic. The basic contract consists of 48 vehicles, rising to 175 if all options are required.

Oxley business development manager Marcus Goad said, "Oxley provide the best lighting solution for all the variants including the ambulance. The customer appreciates the programmability of the product, the build quality and the robust design. The DC Combi gives them a reliable fit-and-forget solution for any conditions the vehicle may encounter."

The DC Combi features dual-mode lighting (main and red, green or blue blackout), is lightweight (300g) and low profile (16mm). It is also dimmable and has a mean time between failure in excess of 50,000 hours.