Since 1921, Nissens Cooling Solutions in Horsens has been producing world-class cooling systems for the automotive industry and other civilian applications.

Nissens is about to break into a new industry sector, which is high performance and reliable cooling systems for military vehicles in co-operation with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS).

Nissens and GDELS recently signed a contract for the development of a customised and innovative cooling system for a next-generation wheeled armoured vehicle variant of the PIRANHA family.

The project entails the development, integration, testing and subsequent manufacturing by Nissens of cooling systems for potentially 1.000 vehicles over the next five years.

Nissens CEO Alan Nissen said: "We are proud to have been selected by General Dynamics European Land Systems as their partner for the development of the cooling technology for the APC programme.

"The projects will significantly strengthen Nissens’ research and development capabilities in Horsens, where we will employing new engineering resources and have already expanded our testing facilities for this project funded by General Dynamics."

The project is divided into four distinct project phases, involving enhancement of R&D capabilities for the development of radiators, charge air coolers, hydraulic oil coolers and two transmission oil coolers.

It also includes the integration and full-scale testing of an engine cooling system and serial design such as prototype design modifications and supply of the engine cooling systems.

Nissens will deliver the first prototype of the system this spring working closely with GDELSMOWAG in Switzerland.

GDELS’ global Center of Excellence for Power Packs and Drivelines is already installed in more than 12,000 PIRANHA vehicles delivered worldwide.

GDELS International Business and Services senior director Jens Bauer said: "We are excited to enter this co-operation with Nissens, which has vast and proven experience in development, design and manufacture of cooling solutions for the highest demands.

"We are investing in comprehensive technology transfer and advanced equipment to enable Nissens to complete the development and provide a unique opportunity for them to enter the global defense market and benefit from GDELS’ global supply chain network."

Two additional projects with Nissens have already been submitted by GDELS to the Danish Business Authority for pre-approval. This includes the development, integration, test and manufacture of advanced cooling systems for GDELS PIRANHA 3+ and PIRANHA 5, of which the latter is one of two GDELS candidates in the Danish APC tender.

GDELS International Business & Services vice-president Thomas Kauffmann said: "GDELS believes in partnership and keeps pursuing its innovative long-term industrial growth strategy, which creates sustainable business and future export opportunities for our Danish industry partners.

"That makes the real difference to a project specific blue print production model."