New 32 tonne container roller sets ISO containers

Transporting goods and technical equipment in ISO containers has become the useful standard around the world, providing the logistics supply chain is sufficient.

However, in some cases, the chain ends unexpectedly on your own company’s premises. Special equipments that makes the containers mobile on firm ground and independent of the crane helps here.

Haacon has expanded its range and, in addition to wheel sets for eight and 16 tonnes, now offers the new roller set type 4336 to move containers with a total weight of up to 32 tonnes.

For assembly, the container can be raised to the required height using lifting jacks that are attached to the ISO corners on the side.

These jacks can remain on the container while it is being moved and used to level it when it is set down.

There are limitations on the permissible ground slope, as the roller sets are equipped with parking brakes, but not with service brakes. The towing vehicle must therefore be capable of manoeuvring loads of this size.

Any suitable vehicle can be used if the corresponding drawbar is used. The permissible vehicle speed is 6 km/h. Small hindrances such as bumps or ground sills can be driven over.