When the respective New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and Australian Defence Force (ADF) were presented with similar complex operational situations, it took the combined effort of Myriad Technologies expert consultants and partner iOra’s unique software to provide powerful, satisfactory solutions.

On one hand, the ADF needed to communicate and collaborate between deployable joint forces (mobile, sea-bearing HQ), brigade (established remote HQ) and battle groups (temporary and remote HQ) and connectivity issues were frustratingly frequent, resulting in unreliable transmissions.

On the other hand, the NZDF faced a more specific hurdle, they needed to move information from a secure network to a deployed location and therefore achieve one-way communication between two air-gapped networks.

In these instances, aside from employing SharePoint and a one-way communication device called The Turbine, Myriad Technologies’ expertise was able to fully leverage the quality of iOra’s Geo-Replicator® service to rectify the concerns and provide long-term effective solutions.

iOra is an international software provider with more than 15 years’ experience working with western defence forces, and created the unique Geo-Replicator software so organisations could replicate environments even when faced with challenged networks with limited bandwidth or high latency. Using the software in conjunction with SharePoint ensured that the ADF and NZDF would maintain uninterrupted and guaranteed access to mission critical information anytime, anywhere.

iOra product director Lawrence Poynter described Myriad Technologies’ work with Geo-Replicator as nothing short of a major success.

"Developing the best solution for the two separate defence forces has proved to be a detailed and complex project," Poynter said.

"As our key local technology provider, Myriad Technologies ensured the consulting, training and implementation of iOra’s products went smoothly, and we are very happy with how the data replication technology has been adopted."

"The genuine best outcome was achieved, all while adhering to the strict security and document integrity requirements that these types of organisations mandate."

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