A fully integrated mobile explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) vehicle with an armoured shelter is about to enter service with a European customer following delivery from MAN Truck and Bus and Marshall Land Systems.

Marshall Land Systems has exploited its integration and manufacturing skills to provide an armoured shelter for EOD teams, together with all their equipment, to deploy and operate from.

The armoured unit provides kinetic ballistic and blast protection to STANAG Level 1 and is mounted on an armoured cab version of the MAN HX60, 6t support vehicle. Storage facilities for the suite of EOD equipment including bomb disposal robot, robot control station, battery charging facilities and an armoured box for sensitive materials and equipment are integrated into the shelter.

"These vehicles demonstrate our integration ability, bringing together all the mechanical and electrical elements to provide a solution which fully meets the customer’s requirements for an EOD vehicle," said Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems.

The vehicle is equipped with an integral tail-lift to enable rapid deployment and recovery of the EOD Robot and is fitted with a winch. A4.8 kVA on-board diesel generator provides standalone power so the vehicle can operate autonomously.

The vehicle will be on display during DVD at Millbrook, Bedfordshire on 20-21 June, 2012 on stand SP 11.