A new white paper discussing the importance of safety training in civil nuclear facilities has been released by Argon Electronics, a global leader in CBRN and Hazmat simulation and training equipment. The paper discusses how nuclear facilities can prepare their staff for emergencies following a report that questioned levels of response capability at a major nuclear facility.

With the search for sustainable energy sources high on the UK political agenda, the nuclear industry is being seen by some as the answer to local and global energy issues. However, safety is a major concern, not least for the public. As a result, ensuring preparedness in the case of a nuclear emergency is paramount in reassuring the public at large.

The white paper by Argon Electronics is a benefit for those planning or delivering safety training in the nuclear industry. The reasons for an effective training strategy are explained as is an overview of simulation equipment that can help the process. For example, simulators are available for training from the range of a single personal dosimeter to planning full-scale, realistic operations.

The benefit of employing simulation equipment is clear. Take, for example, the EPD-Mk2-SIM, a training simulator for the Thermo Scientific EPD-Mk2 dosimeter. Because it exactly replicates the dosimeter, the simulator allows nuclear industry workers to not only learn the technology but also exactly replicate what would happen in a real emergency and prepare for that eventuality.

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