INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE’s) latest product technology was put to the test by the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) during the ’15th Spring Storm’ exercise.

IDE’s pioneering tactical mobile Hybrid Power Station was tested during the exercise, primarily focusing on its performance for significantly reduced fuel consumption and maintenance requirements and also for its unique operational capability to provide power under True Silent Watch during covert operations.

The Hybrid Electrical Power System (HEPS) product family is the result of IDE’s substantial research and development activity in the field, offering power supply solutions for stationary and mobile applications, as well as customised integrated solutions for military vehicles.

HEPS optimise power availability at the minimum running cost, utilising intelligent power management and storage techniques, dramatically reducing downtimes and ensuring that power can be available on demand for hours without thermal or aural trace.

In the Estonian exercise ’15th Spring Storm’ took place between 8-25 May and included 9,000 military personnel of the EDF from NATO member-countries, as well as from other countries such as Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK and US, along with air forces from Belgium, Poland, Spain and the US.