Practical Exercises with  radioactive sources

Seibersdorf Laboratories, Hotzone Solutions Middle East and Hotzone Solutions Group successfully conducted a three-week radiation protection and safety course for the Police of Abu Dhabi.

This course, with 14 course participants, took place at the Radiation Protection Academy / Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria in June and July 2012.

It was divided into three modules:

  • Basic radiation course
  • Emergency responder course
  • Incident commander course

The training was run with radioactive emitters, such as Co60 and Cs137, of various activity levels, ranging from kBq to GBq. The participants successfully completed all three modules, enabling them to cope with radiological incidents and emergencies.

All participants were awarded with the Radiation Protection Award in bronze and silver; these medals and certifications are awarded in accordance with the Austrian Law on intervention to radiological emergencies and furthermore they are in line with the Austrian Standard on radiation protection training for emergency response personnel.

More courses for police forces are planned for 2012.