May PR

Aluminium trailer landing legs from haacon offer a significant weight advantage.

With ‘haacon AX’, the firm brings aluminium trailer landing legs to the market, allowing trailer payloads to be increased by up to 100kg. The sturdy trailer landing legs will be available from this June.

The ‘haacon AX’ trailer landing legs are suitable for installation on vehicles with air suspension. A pneumatic lifting function of the trailer and the tractor unit is used for deploying and retracting the trailer landing legs.

Both aluminium chassis and steel chassis are suitable for the installation. Conventional standard supports can be simply replaced with the aluminium trailer landing legs.
All vehicles with air suspension systems can benefit from the weight reduction, resulting from the use of the ‘haacon AX’ trailer landing legs.

Owners of tippers that are often driven short distances with a full load can benefit greatly from this by being able to carry more payload. This has been possible through the use of lightweight metal for supports.

haacon has selected a high-strength wrought aluminium alloy that has proven its strength in comprehensive loading tests. It is available in heights of 795 mm and 995 mm.

The maximum support height is 1,295mm or 1,445 mm. The rocking foot will safely bear 10t of load and will compensate out any slight horizontal movements of the trailer.


‘haacon AX”s aluminium trailer landing legs are free of lubricants, are corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, light and can also be cleaned with high pressure cleaners.

The drop tube is secured with a sprung, stainless steel captive plug-in pin and holes with 50mm spacing. The supports are generally used in pairs but individual supports can also be ordered.

Trailer landing legs can be ordered with designation A795 / A995 from June 2015.