FORTS Medical, manufacturer of portable medical facilities for emergency and remote sites, announced the launch of its new Field Hospital System and associated website

After witnessing the amount of time it typically takes to establish operational emergency or remote medical facilities, FORTS Medical set out to develop a revolutionary system of self-sufficient medical facilities with everything included inside to provide world-class medical care.

As FORTS Medical’s Chief Scientific Officer Paul Chamberland said, "We share an extreme passion for improving and saving lives.

"We do so by providing the most reliable, time saving medical infrastructure ever developed to bring care to those that need it most.

"Whether in a remote location or caught in a disaster, we solve the greatest threat to saving lives in these situations, the availability of quick, comprehensive and reliable portable medical facilities."

To develop such a revolutionary solution, FORTS Medical combines its fold-out rigid wall shelters, automated utilities, integrated medical equipment, kitted medical supplies, CBRN defence systems and comprehensive deployment services.

To ensure all FORTS Medical facilities and their contents are always ‘mission ready’, each facility is continuously monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world with an exclusive Z-wave automation system.