Fold-Out Rigid Wall Shelters

Whether responding to a disaster or managing the health of remote populations, the FORTS Field Hospital System combines decades of ‘real world’ emergency response experience with advanced fold-out shelter technology, integrated utility systems and medical equipment and supplies.

Experience tells us, that even with the most thorough emergency preparedness planning, not all situations can be foreseen. Often times rapidly changing site conditions or a lack of logistical resources, such as transportation and unloading options, cause major delays in emergency care. FORTS Medical shelters eliminate this risk with their unique durability, reliability, flexibility and operational speed.

  • With CSC Certified ISO Container frames, shelter transport is compatible with worldwide land, sea or air shipping equipment
  • The FORTS Medical hydraulic Unloading & Levelling System eliminates the need for specialty equipment (such as forklifts) to load, unload and level the shelter on even the most challenging terrain
  • All FORTS Medical shelters are constructed with fold-out rigid wall interlocking insulated aluminum panels, which provide superior durability and thermal efficiency
  • The exclusive design of the FORTS Medical extruded aluminum panel frames and structural hinges, guarantees consistent and reliable opening and closing of the shelter within just ten minutes
  • The patented Elite 2000 wall panel system allows all utility systems to be hidden within the panel to simplify surface cleaning and decontamination
  • Side-to-side shelter connections are accomplished with bridgeway enclosures, which quickly fold away for transport
  • When utility connections between shelters are required, bundled, insulated and heat traced quick-connect umbilical utility lines bring tremendous site layout flexibility
  • When closed for storage or transport, each FORTS Medical shelter includes a substantial storage area to allow secure transport of furniture, fixtures and equipment within the shelter, thus accelerating operational speed
  • Each FORTS Medical shelter is heated and cooled, whether deployed or stored, with an integrated factory installed HVAC unit to expedite operational speed and to protect shelter contents from temperature deterioration
  • To defend against the spread of infections; all interior finishes are antibacterial, plumbing and electrical fixtures are touchless and the FORTS Medical exclusive dry fog decontamination unit sterilises the entire shelter and its utility systems in minutes

For more information, please contact FORTS Medical.