A six-axle panther semi low-loader has been delivered to Viktor Baumann.

It was not the first time that the internationally renowned heavy haulage specialist expressed its appreciation for the ‘very smooth handling from the initial contact through to completion of order’ of the new Panther trailer. Once again, excellent quality, relevant experience and technological leadership have been powerful arguments for our customer to decide for a DOLL transport solution.

The panther trailer disposes of a payload of 76t and will be especially used to transport long material as well as large and bulky cargo. For this purpose, the low-bed length of 11,250mm can be extended by another 8,000mm and the loading height can be lowered from 850mm to 780mm. Four sliding bolsters can additionally be installed to provide a maximum in loading length. The energy supply of the whole hydraulic power system is ensured by a Hatz diesel motor.

The first of overall six axles is firmly mounted behind the gooseneck. Thus, the centre of gravity of the payload always remains in an optimum position and the trailer is well-loaden in any telescopic stage. Furthermore, the dolly is characterised by an enlarged stroke of the running gear to compensate possible unevenness of the ground. Another plus is that the panther trailer can easily be driven with a three-axle truck. Its economical and technical advantages are rounded off by a comprehensive lashing system guaranteeing a safe transportation at all times.

Due to the expertise and know-how of DOLL employees the company was once again able to design a unique transport solution that generates a high benefit and hence a lot more efficiency for the transport industry. There are good reasons why DOLL has already sold more than 2,000 axle lines which make the trailers of the panther series the unbeatable number one in the market. DOLL is convinced that the heavy duty carrier will benefit from the panther’s advantages for a considerable time and wants to thank Viktor Baumann for his trust and loyalty.