DHS System’s was inducted into the US National Guard Educational Foundation’s Legion de Lafayette for their support of the guard and its heritage at a reception held at the National Guard Memorial in Washington, DC.

"The National Guard, a citizen-force has a very unique mission, they protect the homeland as well as abroad and we feel that we have an obligation to help them tell their story," says, Ron Houle, vice president of government relations. "Our work with the Foundation will give them the opportunity to preserve their legacy for future generations."

The Educational Foundation’s work includes the National Guard Memorial Museum and the National Guard Memorial Library in Washington DC, as well as educational programs and a scholarship fund for the children of fallen guardsmen in the global war on terror. The foundation is also working on the museum’s 9/11 era gallery.

The Legion de Lafayette is comprised of individuals, corporations and National Guard organisations that care deeply about the guard and preserving its heritage.

As a badge of membership in the Legion de Lafayette, inductees are presented with a medallion cast from the original Lafayette medal commissioned by the seventh regiment, American minutemen of the revolutionary war, who provided an honour guard for the French general and revolutionary hero Marquis de Lafayette.

The medallion is suspended from a red, white, and blue ribbon. A lapel miniature of the Lafayette medal and a certificate of membership round out the presentation set. Induction into the legion occurs at the NGAUS annual conference.