DHS Systems outlines the several steps you can take to ensure that your medium or large trailer-mounted support system (TMSS) runs properly in the warm weather.

Change fuel and oil filters

Replace the fuel and oil filters, as well as the actuator valve located at the end cover of the filter, by squeezing the rubber in order to open the gap and let any debris out. When finished, inspect for leaks.

Clean ECU filters

Clean or replace all ECU filters and ensure that the coils are free of any debris.

Check both batteries

Check your system’s batteries to ensure they are at a proper voltage. Make sure that none of the batteries’ hold down straps are broken or missing.

Inspect tires

Look for any leaks, bent rims, or missing lug nuts on the system’s tyres. Also, check for any tyres that are worn out or low in pressure.

Test your hand brakes

The brakes should move freely and you should be able to adjust the tension.

Check the tail lights and trailer plug

Inspect your tail lights to ensure that they are functioning properly. Also, examine the trailer plug for any bent pins or housing.

Check the brake actuator

Make sure to check that the fluid level is correct and that all chains are attached properly. Also, check for leaks and wear and tear on the lunette ring.

Note: always follow repair procedures in DRASH technical manuals for your medium and large systems respectively.