Mekahog has awarded another contract to supply eight Springbuck APCs to the Nigerian Police. DCD PM will deliver these Springbuck IV variants by May 2013.

A further order of eight vehicles is secured and production is in progress. The vehicles will be built at the new DCD Protected Mobility facility in Isando.

The Springbuck IV APC is used by the Nigerian Police, protecting members of the force and VIP’s enhancing the force’s ability to deploy rapidly where necessary. The Springbuck IV vehicles will allow force members to remain out of harm’s way and execute their duties safely. The Nigerian Police has over 40 Springbuck APCs deployed throughout the 34 states of Nigeria.

Nigeria needs all the armoured vehicles it can get as it faces the Islamist Boko Haram insurgency.

The Springbuck VI was part of the IFSEC West Africa Exhibition in Lagos during March 2012 and a huge draw card at this event. Arising from the decision maker’s request, our partners Mekahog are hosting a Private Invitational Exhibition in Abuja 25-28 February. Once again, the Springbuck VI will be displayed at this event. High-profile special guests will have a first-hand opportunity to see and experience the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Mekahog has entered into an MoU with the Police Ministry in Nigeria to undertake the total engineering evaluation of all unserviceable / abandoned mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles in the country. Returning these vehicles to service would save Nigeria between US$200m and US$300m. DCD Protected Mobility will play a major role in the upgrade and refurbishment of these vehicles.

Nigeria needs all the armoured vehicles it can get as it faces the Islamist Boko Haram insurgency. Dr Ohakim pointed out a wide variety of security threats in the region, such as terrorism, kidnapping, pipeline vandalism, arms smuggling and armed robbery.

"Technically, the terrorists are becoming smarter. That is the truth," Dr Ohakim said, noting that bomb makers were becoming increasingly skilled.

"We need to protect the territorial integrity of each nation," he added.

The Springbuck has found a home in Nigeria, and we at DCD Protected Mobility are looking forward to be of service to Nigeria by supplying more vehicles and helping both the police and troops to protect their country and its population.