World-leading high-performance slip rings provider Cobham Aerospace Communications is announcing the launch of its compact 4 stage rotary joint for military vehicles (AFVs and MBTs) and weapon systems.

Thanks to its very compact design, this slip ring can be fitted on multiple clients’ platforms.

This innovative slip ring delivers a wide range of features and benefits to customers by addressing their needs for highly reliable connectivity.

This slip ring features hybrid technologies for transmission: gold plating for signals, silver-graphite for power and fibre-optic channels for video.

Enhanced gold plating provides with state of the art contact surfaces whereas carbon-metal contact systems ultimately ensures optimised transmission of high current with first in class durability. This slip ring not only guarantees an excellent contact resistance but also provides an optimised reliability and low total system cost.

Developed for both land and sea military applications, this slip ring will perform in extremely harsh environment of different defence programs. Rugged, versatile and compact, this equipment integrates the functionalities needed to successfully address evolving and demanding land or naval military requirements.

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