Cobham launches new instrumentation slip ring with rotation speed of 4,300rpm

Cobham Aerospace Communications launches a new instrumentation slip ring that can rotate at the speed of 4,300rpm.

Benefitting from a light weight below 1kg, this capsule slip ring integrates 18 channels and accurately transmits instrumentation data through the tail rotor of a combat fighting helicopter.

This unit has been designed according to EN9100 standards. It can perform in extremely harsh environment. It is currently qualified onto a military helicopter. Its lifetime has been optimised so that the slip ring shall exceed hundreds of millions of rotations.

Thanks to Cobham Aerospace Communications innovative electrical contact technology, this slip ring provides low electrical noise, even at high speed. This development confirms the leading position of Cobham Aerospace Communications in aeronautics and military markets.

Cobham Aerospace Communications can supply other specifically designed high-speed slip ring assemblies for aerospace and defence applications.

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