Infantry-led mounted or dismounted operations are in ever greater need of effective fire support. To help meet that need, CMI Defence and Ukroboronservice have integrated the Cockerill CSE 90LP turret with the BTR- 3E 8×8 vehicle. The resulting system offers robust organic direct fire-support to current and future BTR-3 users.

The Cockerill CSE 90LP is a low-weight two-person turret. Featuring the proven Cockerill 90mm low pressure gun (of which some 2,500 units have been sold) the turret provides a range of highly effective fires from HE to APFSDS-T and Canister.

These fires are accurately delivered around the clock using electrically-powered gun drives and a night/day digital fire control system. The low weight of the Cockerill CSE 90LP turret permits the high mobility of the Ukroboronservice BTR-3E chassis to be fully utilised. Despite its high capability and advanced design, the Cockerill CSE 90LP turret is simple to use and ruggedly reliable in the field – a real soldier’s tool.

The Ukroboronservice BTR-3E is a 16t 8×8 armoured personnel carrier. The vehicle features a rear-mounted 300HP multi-fuel powerpack and a large frontal compartment for driver and crew. A mechanical gearbox is fitted as standard to reduce cost.

Fabricated in steel armour with a Kevlar spall-liner fitted in the crew compartment, the vehicle offers protection against small arms fire, mines and (optionally) CBRN threats. Designed for excellent tactical and strategic mobility, the Ukroboronservice BTR-3E is fully amphibious without preparation, using water-jet propulsion to swim at a speed of 10km/h.

The combination of the Cockerill CSE 90LP turret with the Ukroboronservice BTR-3E offers the user:

  • Excellent tactical and strategic mobility
  • Highly effective organic fire-support by day and by night
  • Broad range of tactical options (from counter-insurgency to conventional warfighting)
  • Simplicity of use and support
  • Rugged reliability in the field
  • The confidence of proven, in-service, systems