haacon hebetechnik gmbh is exhibiting its current product portfolio of technical lifting solutions for the aviation, infrastructure and mechanical engineering sectors.

O.P.O. spol s r.o., the contract partner of haaco, will be exhibiting haacon’s innovative lifting technology solutions at the International Engineering Fair 2015. This event will take place between 19-22 May 2015 in Nitra, Slovakia.
The firm can be found at the fair at Stand F-33

The focus of attention will be on important components for the mechanical engineering sector, such as electrically powered cable winches and gear rack winches as well as sluice gate drives that play a role in the expansion of sustainable energies in the so-called ‘transitional economies’.

From 15-21 June 2015, the heavyweights of the aviation sector will be meeting at the Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2015. In Hall 4-B79, on the community stand shared by companies based in Alsace, Haacon Hebetechnik Gmbh will be exhibiting height adjustment systems for elevating platforms, stroke, levelling, positioning and loading systems as well as cable winches for pylon systems.

Among its customers, haacon counts Airbus Defense, Armée de l’air, Aselsan, British Aerospace, Deutsche Bundeswehr, Marshall, Nexter, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Saab and Thales Air Systems.

Technical lifting equipment that transmits force by means of spindles, gear racks or cables constitutes one of the core areas of competence of haacon hebetechnik gmbh. The mechanical and electromechanical drive components in the aviation sector are employed as reliable adjustment units on maintenance platforms.

The mobile lifting systems from haacon are distinguished by simple handling, a high degree of user-friendliness, sturdiness and rapid deployment in the field. This means that a container can be lifted off a truck within minutes and loaded in a transport aircraft (up the ramp, or by means of level loading).

When the aircraft lands, the container can then be transported further by truck. In this process, mobile lifting systems from Jaacon deliver a high level of flexibility and autonomy, meeting the requirements for mobility applicable to natural disaster scenarios.

The familiar lifting systems of this company with its rich tradition can deliver the performance capabilities far away from fixed-installation infrastructure: In civil defence and natural disaster scenarios, international emergency aid and technical emergency services, as well as with transport tasks for the army, air force and navy.