AT Communication is pleased to announce the launch of the AT VICM software defined intercom system. The AT VICM is a fully-featured and reliable solution for communication within and for dismounted use in military, police and light strike armoured vehicles. Complementing the system are personal combat headsets that provide comfortable and effective hearing protection in noisy environment inside military vehicles.

The heart of the system is the central communication unit (CCU) which is available in two variants: AT VICM 201 and AT VICM 201A, dependent on the maximum number of the crew members and combat radios per vehicle. The AT VICM 201 is recommended for small platforms (tanks, light and strike vehicles) and the AT VICM 201A is recommended for larger platforms (APCs and command centres). Other system units for connectivity to radios, alarms and personal intercom stations are connected to central communication unit in a star type network.

Key features of the AT VCIM software defined intercom system are;

  • Support for up to 21 crew members
  • Interface and control up to 6 combat net radios (CNRs)
  • Simple to use operation and installation
  • ANR support for headsets
  • Digital speech processing
  • High intelligibility & reliability of communications
  • Wireless extension for dismounted application
  • Automatic retransmission of communications between CNRs
  • Data capability, TCP/IP
  • Possibility to Interface with other battlefield systems
  • Management system for configuring stations and functionality (BMS)
  • Built-in-test
  • Software defined features to allow reconfiguration of the systems depending on application requirements

The AT VCIM software defined intercom system is the product of substantial experience in the manufacture of communication systems internationally and feedback from our clients using our field proven systems.

For more detail on the AT VCIM software defined intercom system please follow the link