AAR containerised kitchens

AAR will be sending two of its Mobility System’s containerised kitchens to Washington, DC, for use by the National Guard to serve meals to the active and reserve soldiers who will be supporting the 58th Presidential Inauguration.

The Expandable ISU® (EISU) Flex Kitchen and the Containerised Kitchen – Enhanced MECC® (CK-E MECC®) are among AAR Mobility Systems’ portfolio of rapidly deployable containers and shelters used by the US Military and its allies, and will provide up to 3,000 meals per day.

"We are honoured to provide support for the Presidential Inauguration, while at the same time showing how one of our core capabilities can support homeland defence requirements in addition to the standard military applications," said Jeff Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AAR Mobility Systems.

The newly created CK-E MECC® enhances the capabilities of previous containerised kitchens with noted improvements, including integrating AirFrame expansion wings into the MECC®, eliminating the need for steel poles and providing additional headroom for heat to escape.

The CK-E MECC® also incorporates Babington Technology’s kitchen equipment, which dramatically reduces heat, noise, fuel consumption and risk of carbon monoxide exposure. This kitchen can feed 800 personnel three hot meals per day.

The EISU Flex Kitchen is the 3-in-1 expandable version of the ISU® Containers that have been used by the military for more than 25 years and manufactured by AAR Mobility Systems. This rapidly deployable containerised kitchen occupies only one pallet position, but is expandable to 399ft³ and utilises the same energy, water, and manpower-efficient kitchen equipment. The EISU Flex Kitchen can feed 300 personnel with two hot meals per day.