DOLL draws a positive balance of participation in international exhibition armament.

From June 16 to 20, all major names in the sector of defense gathered at Eurosatory in Paris.

A poster of a vehicle door-tank with seven axles in the German army particularly attracted the attention of many visitors. For the duration of the exhibition, the company employees at DOLL had very fruitful discussions. The fact that the German army has many DOLL vehicles makes them one among its key customers and the recent award of the certificate AQAP 2120 gives it a solid reputation throughout the industry. DOLL was regarded as one of the top vehicle manufacturers with its vehicles featuring dropside bodies of classes 5t and 15t. it gives a clear indication of the high quality of military vehicles DOLL.

Eurosatory 2014 provides DOLL good prospects for future tenders and orders come, both in Germany and export.