Systematic has unveiled its newest software product at DSEi. SitaWare Frontline is a breakthrough in battle management software that has been developed together with military commanders returning from Afghanistan to address real world C2 challenges.

It has been specifically designed for troops operating in tough environments, where a clear operational view with rapid updates of friendly force tracking (FFT) is absolutely essential. It has proved to offer exceptional performance over intermittent, low bandwidth tactical radio networks.

The software has a unique two-part design – a user application and a vehicle application – which has the benefit of making it extremely simple to deploy and very easy to maintain.

The user application makes SitaWare Frontline truly portable: with the ability to store all mission data on a secure USB key, users can plan, execute and change missions without being tied to the vehicle. This mobility also allows commanders to change location quickly whilst automatically remaining visible in the Friendly Force Picture and, if necessary, to quickly destroy mission data in an emergency.

Existing communications equipment, onboard management systems and sensors are interfaced with the vehicle application; consequently any change to the mission data does not require the vehicle software to be updated, so unburdening IT specialists in the field.

SitaWare Frontline has been developed for use on touch screen devices and focuses on the essentials and basics of battle management. It has a highly intuitive interface that makes easy to understand and simple to operate, even in physically cramped conditions.

A variety of map options are available, including satellite imagery, and a ‘clip and ship’ capability from SitaWare Headquarters enables a portion of a map to be extracted and transferred to SitaWare Frontline.

SitaWare Frontline is a part of the SitaWare Suite of software, which is compliant with the latest standards, making it fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners and NATO member countries.

It works together with SitaWare Headquarters to provide a unified command and control system from the frontline to the highest level of command.